Do you run a well-run business and want to develop? Are you thinking about what the next step is for you and your business? Maybe you want to join a bigger picture together with like-minded people?

We have high ambitions and substantial resources behind us, our goal is to build the best home for entrepreneurs in banking and finance in the Nordics. We are interested in buying into your business and developing it further together with you.

Why are we a good partner for your business?

Abacer as a partner

We believe that the best deals are made when both parties mutually benefit from the cooperation and we are convinced that the most successful model that exists is the one where everyone makes money at the same time, and where everyone wants the same thing. For that reason, we always invest in our portfolio companies and thus earn our money from the dividends we receive as shareholders.

With our business model, our only goal is to help our portfolio companies become as healthy, profitable and valuable as possible. This is in our interest, our portfolio companies intrests, our advisors and our shareholders intrests. In short, all parties want the same thing.

As part of Abacer invest, our portfolio companies enjoy a complete regulatory platform combined with stable and well-developed IT systems. With the help of Abacer's infrastructure, our portfolio companies can serve their customers with a complete offering in Advisory, Wealth management and Private banking. Read more below about some of the benefits of being part of Abacer Invest.

Keep 100% of the revenue

We believe in aligned interests, therefore the portfolio companies keep 100% of all fees and we instead earn money through dividends. i.e. we and the entrepreneur have the same interest.

Performance-based fee structures

We believe in sharing the risk with customers, which is why our portfolio companies can offer fee models with a performance fee. i.e. the better it is for the customer, the better it is for us.

Discretionary management

We believe in activity, which is why our portfolio companies can offer discretionary management where the portfolios are followed up and monitored on an ongoing basis. i.e. we work actively with the customers' money.

Commission-free trading

We believe in a simple and easy to understand fee structure, therefore we do not charge any transaction costs, withdrawal fees or other odd fees. i.e. customers easily understand what it costs.

IT systems from the best suppliers

We think IT systems should help advisors and asset managers in their administration to create more time for the customer relationship. That's why we only use the most reputable suppliers such as Salesforce.

Our own client account

We believe in owning the entire business, which is why we have our own client accounts, ISK and insurance accounts in all tax brackets. i.e. our portfolio companies can be sure not to have to move their customers around.

Model Portfolios

We do not believe in reinventing the wheel unnecessarily, therefore we have developed long-term and balanced model portfolios in several risk classes. Everything to make it easier for our portfolio companies.