Is it time to take the next step in life? Downsize and work less, or even retire? Maybe there are other projects or interests that you want to focus on?

Regardless of what the next step in life is for you, your customer base is an asset that can help you along the way and we are interested in acquiring it.

Why are we a good home for your clients?

  • We understand that long and healthy customer relationships are valuable and we are willing to pay for quality.
  • We have access to experienced advisers and insurance brokers in all parts of Sweden. All licensed through Swedsec and Insuresec.
  • We work exclusively with so-called net models and we always return all third party commissions to the clients.
  • With us, clients pay no commission, exchange fees, withdrawal fees or other odd costs. We only work with direct paid models.
  • We can manage ISK, client accounts and insurance accounts in all tax brackets.

In other words, we have very strong ability to take care of your clients and you can feel secure that they will be treated professionally and fairly in your absence.