Is it time to start working for yourself? Are you thinking about taking the plunge and stand on your own two feet? Maybe you are a whole a team of people who want to get started together?

No matter what your motivation is, we love entrepreneurs. We have made the same journey ourselves and understand how exciting and sometimes scary it can be and we would like to join and support you in this endeavor.

Why are we a good partner for your future business?

  • Over 10 years ago, we took the plunge ourselves, left a secure job and bet that we would succeed. We know what you are facing, we have made many of the mistakes and come out the other end.
  • As we are normally on the list of owners, we can contribute to financing the business. Perhaps there is a customer base or another business that can be bought and form the basis of your new company?
  • We help with everything needed to get started and to run the company over time. Starting a company, shareholder agreement, bookkeeping, bank contacts, applying for permits, drawing up governing documents, corporate governance structures, independent board members etc etc. the list is long and we help with what you need.
  • We have the permits, infrastructure and platform to operate full-scale investment and/or insurance advisory services.
  • With us, you keep 100% of all fees and we take no cut. Instead, we earn money via the dividend we receive as a shareholder in your company.
  • With us, you can work with performance-based fees and of course you also keep 100% of these.
  • With us, you work with so-called net fee models and we always return all third party compensation to the customers.
  • With us, customers pay no commissions, exchange fees, withdrawal fees or other odd costs. We only work with direct paid models where everything is included.
  • With us, you can offer your customers ISK, client accounts and insurance accounts in all tax brackets.
  • With us, you can offer your customers discretionary portfolio management and we have ready-made model portfolios in all risk classes.

In other words, we have very strong ability to be a strong and long-term partner and co-owner in your/your future business.